North East Skills Training


This award starts in the classroom with map concept, symbols, scales and orientation, with the students drawing their own maps before using them to navigate with. The students will learn navigational techniques which will help with their progression onto other maps and courses.  This award culminates with the students navigating on a local or purpose built orienteering course within the school grounds.

  • The duration of this course is flexible but is normally ran over 10 one hour sessions depending on class size
  • All students who attend will receive at least a Bronze Star level certificate for their record of achievement from the National Navigation Award Scheme



"Our first year of working with North East Skills Training was so popular with children and parents we are running the sessions for a second year for a different group of children. We run the courses as an after school club and it is wonderful to see at first hand the children's enthusiasm for the sessions. All children involved rise to the challenge of the activities and benefit greatly from NEST's involvement. They grow in confidence, develop a greater sense of self-belief and resilience and demonstrate a real sense of pride in their achievements. These skills and attitudes stand them in good stead for their transfer to middle school. I highly recommend NEST's courses as a valuable opportunity for personal growth and development."

Julie Robson

Archbishop Runcie First School

North East Skills Training


Since our launch in 2015 NEST has delivered the following:

First Aid for Students
Archbishop Runcie First School, St Aloysius Primary, Brunton First School, Grange First School

National Navigation Awards
Archbishop Runcie First School, Brunton First School

Playmaker Award for Students
Archbishop Runcie First School

Duke of Edinburgh training and assessments
Northumbria Police cadets and The Girl's Brigade

Orienteering course building and sessions
Brunton First School

Team building activities for students and staff
Numerous settings

Archery for all ages
Numerous settings

Indoor and outdoor climbing sessions
Gosforth East Middle School, Beacon PRU

Employability training post 16
Northumberland College