North East Skills Training


Belief programmes are intervention sessions lasting a minimum of one term, for groups of students or targeted individuals who may be lacking in self esteem, resilience and/or confidence or have moderate behavioural issues.

During these sessions NEST try to instil REAL (Resilience and emotional well being, Educational attainment, Aspiration/broadening horizons and Life skills) as well as focussing on military ethos and values such as integrity, pride and discipline.

NEST has delivered Belief programmes in schools (e.g. Brunton First School, Gosforth) and in Pupil Referral Units (e.g. Beacon Centre, South Shields) and other small groups. NEST does this through the use of team building activities, problem solving and group discussion around the issues that arise, using transform coaching throughout.

NEST tries to instil its SOP's or code of conduct which other partners have adopted during their sessions, creating a very joined up approach to tackling issues with these students. The Belief programme involves weekly updates to key teaching staff and can also involve communication with parents.


North East Skills Training

Belief programmes can be delivered within the school daily timetable (sometimes covering PPA) or as other school sessions. Programme content and delivery options are flexible and can be bespoke to student and setting needs.



"The whole day was a huge success and NEST grasped the attention of all the children immediately. The children thoroughly enjoyed searching for the letters and then cracking the final code. it was brilliant seeing the children work in teams and listening, communicating and collaborating with one another"

Carolyn Appleby

Assistant Headteacher, Brunton First School
"The staff at North East Skills Training were excellent, equiping our Y5 students with life skills and bespoke experiences they will never forget".

Stephanie Lindley

Head of School, Seaton Sluice Middle School
The children at St Aloysius fully benefit from North East Skills Training- developing confidence, resilience and team work. Alongside this they build up life skills in a fun and creative way. Through teaching our children the skills needed for First Aid and Navigation we know we are preparing our children well for the future. Mr Vince's flexible and professional approach to meeting the needs of our children add to the success of the programme he has to offer.

Carole Godfrey

Deputy Headteacher, St Aloysius Primary Federation.

North East Skills Training


Since our launch in 2015 NEST has delivered the following:

First Aid for Students
Archbishop Runcie First School, St Aloysius Primary, Brunton First School, Grange First School

National Navigation Awards
Archbishop Runcie First School, Brunton First School, Beacon Centre, Carville Primary, Grange First School

Playmaker Award for Students
Archbishop Runcie First School

Duke of Edinburgh training and assessments
Northumbria Police cadets and The Girl's Brigade

Orienteering course building and sessions
Brunton First School, Carville Primary, Archbishop Runcie First School, Grange First School

Team building activities for students and staff
Numerous settings

Archery for all ages
Numerous settings

Indoor and outdoor climbing sessions
Gosforth East Middle School, Beacon Center

Employability training post 16
Northumberland College